Jocelyn L. “Joci” Straus is Chair Emeritus of Las Casas Foundation and the moving force behind the restoration of the Majestic and Charline McCombs Empire Theatres. Joci founded Las Casas and spearheaded the effort to raise more than $10 million for the restoration of both theatres. After founding Las Casas in 1988, Joci led fundraising and restoration efforts that allowed the Majestic renovation to be completed in just 11 months. Joci then worked with dear friend, Charline McCombs to raise the funds necessary to restore the Empire Theatre, which reopened in 1998 after being dark for 25 years.

Las Casas’ Performing Arts Scholarship Program culminates in the Joci Awards in celebration of Joci’s career-long dedication as a formidable advocate for national funding of San Antonio’s art agencies and her voluntary giving, voluntary service and voluntary association for the benefit of the citizens of San Antonio and Texas.