Lifelong Learning through Nonprofit Certifications

By: Ana Flores

A long-standing champion for education, our CEO Kaye Lenox regularly encourages us to participate in workshops, certification programs and trainings to develop and enhance our skills in the workplace and the nonprofit sector – a practice I am eternally grateful for. And this past Friday, I completed a three-month, six-session series, earned a certificate in Nonprofit Social Media Communications and officially became #SociallyCertified.

I have worked with social media professionally in some form or fashion for nearly seven years, and as my fellow communicators know, it is a world that is constantly evolving. Back in 2009, I was fresh out of college, had just taught myself how to use Twitter, and words like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat were unheard of. The transformation since then and the tools available to us now are unbelievable. With a passion for lifelong learning and all things related to social media, I was particularly excited to participate in this certification program presented by the San Antonio Area Foundation in partnership with H-E-B School of Business and Administration at the University of the Incarnate Word and even more thrilled that Kaye and the organization were fully supportive of this ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

The program was hugely beneficial, and I am already implementing many of the tips and tricks I acquired to improve our social media presence and practices. Not only was the content within the six sessions of the certification helpful, but the networking and opportunities to chat with other nonprofit professionals about their social media tactics were invaluable.

The best part? Both Doren and Kathleen are also participating in nonprofit management certification programs. It’s been exciting to sit down after each session to discuss what we learned and what we can do to enhance the way we operate.

Check back for future updates on how the staff is working to enhance our skills and increase the organization’s sustainability.

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